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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Tripura Election Results

Tripura, Meghalaya And Nagaland Election  results

 Highlights: BJP Stops Manik Sarkar's 20-Year Run In Tripura, Hung House In Meghalaya, Nagaland

Amit Shah's desire to form a BJP government in Odisha will never be realized: BJD

BJD leaders ridiculed the statement of BJP President Amit Shah and said the party's "dream" of forming the Odisha government will never be realized even though it won in Tripura and other northeastern states . "Only Naveen Patnaik is popular in Odisha, no one knows Amit Shah in Odisha, the BJP is going through a period of money but it will not reach its golden age, its desire (Mr Shah) of BJP forming the government in Odisha will never be reached, Panchayati Raj Minister of Odisha Pradeep Maharathy told reporters. Mr. Shah said earlier in the day that BJP's golden period will begin when it forms the government in Odisha, West Bengal and Kerala.

The result of the election of Brinda Karat at CPM CPM
It is true that there was so much EVM defective in Tripura that it is quite unprecedented. In the constituencies of Manik Sarkar, there is an ongoing incident.
The Electoral Commission itself admitted that there were many dysfunctional machines.
We do not attribute our performance to EVMs. But we are talking about unprecedented money deployment by BJP and RSS. This political meeting in the parliamentary sphere.

Speaking at NDTV's special election analysis, CPM political bureau member, Mr. A. Baby, said, "Congress will have to introspect on anti-people economic policy."

Tripura, Meghalaya And Nagaland Election Results

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah greet the BJP officials at their headquarters in Delhi today.

It's a setback for the left: CPM's Brinda Karat

"It's a setback for the left, there is absolutely no way out, however, the left got 45% of the votes, so we have substantial support in Tripura": Brinda Karat on the results Tripura elections.

At a press conference, Himanta Biswa Sarma, of BJP, said: "We only have two seats in Meghalaya, the largest party is the NPP, we want the NPP to talk to people and form a government out of Congress and we will support them. "

Nitin Gadkari and Jual Oram will visit Tripura as observers, said union minister JP Nadda. He also says that Arun Singh will go to Nagaland, while Kiren Rijiju and KJ Alphons will travel to Meghalaya for the formation of the government.

Tripura, Meghalaya And Nagaland Election Results

After the Tripura victory, BJP now on the Bengal mission

After the BJP's historic victory in the Tripura Assembly elections, the West Bengal unit said on Saturday that it would surely have an impact on state policy and predict a "drastic change" in the political scenario of the West Bank. Bengal in six months. "These are the people who brought about the change in Tripura, they will also bring about change in Bengal, we are trying to build our party organization according to their hopes and aspirations, we have the full support of our national leaders. there will be a radical change in Bengal in six months, "said BJP President Dilip Ghosh.

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